English Tutor: Do You Really Need It? Discover all there is to know!

Think of this situation: you and your friends have difficulty understanding everything that is explained during English lessons , but one day your friends suddenly start to improve.

Ask them what the cause of this sudden improvement is , and they will respond by telling you that they have found an excellent English tutor willing to help them.

Before this moment you never thought of hiring a tutor, but now you are seriously considering this option.

Well, now we can stop imagining, but how many of you found yourself in the same situation? I assume you are not just a few and maybe you are already thinking of looking for an English tutor who can help you better understand what you learn.

However, you don’t know where to start.

In this case, this is the article that is right for you: we will explain the advantages of working with a tutor, what to expect when you study with his help and where to find the perfect English tutor for you.

English Tutor: A Complete Guide to Finding and Studying with Them

Why Hire an English Tutor: Teacher Vs. Tutor

When considering hiring an English tutor you must first understand the difference between a classical teacher and a private English tutor . When you are in the classroom, your teacher introduces you to certain topics in different ways so as to involve students from the most diverse learning styles .

If you have difficulty with a particular concept, a good traditional teacher will do his best to help you, but usually, during the lessons he will not have time to give you all the attention you need.

A tutor, on the other hand, is more flexible and can work at your own pace. It will help you to review concepts that you have already learned until you make them yours. Tutors use review activities, games, dialogues and other methods to help you better understand.

When you work with an English tutor, you decide which topic you need to focus on. Or, at other times, he will be the one to note that you have difficulty with a certain concept and to propose to see him again with him. However, in most cases, you will be conducting the lessons by communicating to the tutor what you want to learn best.

In other words: the teachers show you the topic, while the tutors help you understand it.

Some Benefits of Working with an English Tutor

As we have seen, English teachers and tutors play similar roles, but in different ways. Even if you think you don’t need further help, a tutor can still improve your learning.

1. You will be followed individually

Classic education is excellent because it allows you to get in touch with other English students. But sometimes, when you are dealing with something difficult, you may need more attention: something that a classical teacher cannot offer you.

Instead, during the lessons with the tutors, you will have a person ready to give you all the attention you need. The latter will learn to know both you and your learning style, as well as the particular notions with which you have difficulty.

2. You can create a personalized study plan

A teacher is forced to create a study plan that covers the learning styles and interests of an entire class of students.

Instead, a tutor will work with you to determine which topics you need to learn more about or understand better. With a tutor, you will have more say in what you want to study. Whether you need to work on specific material for an upcoming exam or want to discover new things out of pure curiosity, essentially, an English tutor will help you more to pursue your personal learning goals.

3. You will gain security

You may not feel comfortable presenting a presentation in English or supporting a dialogue in front of your class.

In this case, you can practice in advance with your English tutor. The latter will listen to you and provide you with tips to improve. In case of problems, a tutor will be able to review the topic together with you so that you will give the best of you in the presentations, during the exams or simply during the lessons.

Things to Know about Your English Tutor

The English tutors are not all the same. Given that each of them has a different personality, it is likely that you work better with certain tutors than with others.

Once you have identified a potential English tutor, you can ask several questions during your first meeting , but the following are particularly important.

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